!! Tips for Candles !!

  • To Extinguish Candle, Blow out the flame.

  • Never snuff or pinch off burned tip of wick.

  • Keep wick trimmed to 1/4 Inch.

  • Always place on temperature-safe surface.

  • Burn the candle in a non flammable receptacle.

  • Never leave burning candle unattended.

  • Keep away from the small children & drought of Air.

  • Allow for candle to cool & harden before lightning.

  • While trimming your wick, only trim the carbon (Black Part) carefully.

  • The burning period of candle at a stretch depends upon the diameter of the candle i.e- 2″ diameter candle should be blown out after 2 hrs & 3″ dia after 3 hrs.

  • It is advised for safety to discontinue burning a candle when 2″ of wax remains at the end. In case of Container Candle 1/2″ will do. By this you can prevent heat damage to the surface or even glasses / containers will also not crack or break.

  • Never try to touch / move the candle when wax is in liquid form to avoid hot wax from spattering.

  • Always burn the votive in votive container for ideal time burning.

  • Always lit the candle in well ventilated room under your supervision.

  • Place your dark color candles away from direct sunlight to avoid dye fading.

Always leave at least 5 to 8 cm between candles when several candles are burning together.

Precaution :

Treat candle making with similar precaution to cooking as there is a potential element of messiness, & the possibility of unforeseen accidents. To cut down on these, observe the same precautions which you observe while working with fire.

  • Always wear old cloth / apron & cover the work area with newspaper & move or cover your rugs or carpets.

  • Have some newspaper or thick cloth ready to mop-up the space.

  • Keep all the tools & material handy.

    Note : Should the Worst Happen

      • Switch off the heat.

      • Don’t move the pan.

      • Cover the wax pan immediately.

      • Never try to douse the fire with water – it will only spread the flame.