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As one of the large candle producers, China has been recognized with the high quality&inexpensive price around the world.In recent years, with the rapid growth of Chinese candle exporting, homemade candles occupy a great share in the international market.For nearly a decade, the development of candle industry has been from traditional manual workshop to modern industries, from the single lighting candle to craft candle.Many candle factories’ product development/production technology/product quality/delivery service/marketing and other aspects have reached International Level.


Aoyin Pray for world peace, people has a bright life in order to achieve the wish. “Small Candle Passing Warmth and Love”.

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Aoyin is so proud to have customers from Africa, who visited our company after all the successful e-commerce.

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Aoyin is overwhelmed by customer’s testimony about candle products as well as reliable service.

The customer wishes to work with Aoyin as he expands his business,

also Aoyin is more than ready to supply any kind of candles to the customer without delay.

the customer finds our company as one of the most reliable Candle company to work with.

It is our motto as Aoyin people to provide the best service and high-quality candles so as to satisfy our customers, and our customer is our priority.

Apart from buying Candles, we can advise our customers on the different size of candles with a different burning period.

We can also our customers to choose the type of candles depends on the occasion,

most of the buyers appreciate our service.Some they came from Africa, America, Middle East etc to visit our factory in China.