Glass candle


Glass candle 001

7 Days Memorial Glass Candle Wholesale High Quality and Long Burning time

Item Name      : 7 days Memorial Glass Candle

 Wick               :100% Cotton Wick 

Lighting time  :7 days

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Fluted candle,Glass candle, Pillar Candle ,Spiral Candle , Tealight Candle ,White Candle

Color Glass Candle Cheap Big  Candle 14 Day Candle with Scent

Item Name   :  Color Glass Candle

Weight         : 350g and 630g

Color            : Multi-color or customer’s request

decorative glass candle

Decorative Glass Candle /Velas Decorativas/Jar Candle Holders

Item Name:  Decorative Glass Candle

Material    : paraffin wax ,soy wax

 Wick         : 100% Cotton Wick 

Religious Glass Candle

Religious Glass Candle /wholesale cheap shabbat candles/Saints Candles Catholic Tall Jar Candles

Item Name: Religious Glass Candle

Function  : Church Services , Prayers

Material   : paraffin wax ,soy wax