Aoyin Welcomes New Employees


A heavy rain washed away the heat in the long time lag, the air was filled with the taste of cool in the early morning.Rare July 2016 wind is so gentle, shall live up to such beauty?In the gentle wind and warm sun, the marketers of the company begin the outdoor activities.Our companies took a group photo at the gate of the park, to keep good and remember the moved in this summer.

Happy Employees

AoYin Outdoor Activities

The leading role of this activity is the “New Blood”, “New Employees” of Aoyin  Xingtang Candle Co., Ltd, each one is just like the rising sun, vigorous and vibrant.They come from different places and ultimately converge at Aoyin the Big family.Joining in Aoyin is the new beginning, is also a new challenge.The future development of Aoyin can’t depart from the support of the group of these lovely people, ROAD, So Energetic!Young friends!


003Aoyin Marketers

The theme of this activity is “ROAD, AOYIN WIND, Xishan rhyme”, which embodies the purpose of the marketing team, mountain hiking Xishan forest.At the beginning of the activity, all the teams in high spirits, under the guidance of their captain,f at forward, not far behind.After more than an hour, all staff at the top of the mountain, climb smoothly of every team members.

Team Hiking

008Mountain Hiking

Concentric sphere, is needed trust walk, pull rod three games project, through the game, all marketing personnel’s  deeply understood the importance of teamwork. Again only the is needed to get the work done, to forgo ahead in a better way in the future, hard work, have the same goal and same purpose.


With much love welcome the new brilliance!!!