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white candle

       White stick candle

              church candle,cheap white candle
                    White/red,blue/green etc.
          Home lighting ,church prayer,festival etc

pillar candle

               Pillar candle

                               5×5cm , 5×7.5cm, 5×10cm 
                         7.5×7.5cm , 7.5×10cm , 10×10cm 
                      or we can do as your requirement

                tea candles

            Tealight candle

                            Different sizes and colors.

flute candles

          Flute Candles

             Lighting in home.Decoration etc

spiral candles

          Spiral Candles

                     Size: 8″/20cm, 10″/25cm etc.
                        Weight/pc: 23g/25g/35g
     Color:  Silver & Golden or your preferred colors

glass candles

             Glass Candle 

                         Size : 7x5x9cm , 6.5×18.5cm
          used for dinner, parties and home decoration